The Power and Protection of Keyless Deadbolt Security

Oct 23, 2020

Whether you live in an apartment, house, gated community, out in the wild, or a penthouse suite, home always feels that much safer with a deadbolt on your entrance doors. A deadbolt creates a barrier of resistance and ensures that your home presents a strong defense. They’re strong, hard to break into, and can be reinforced to increase the security level you bring to your home.

Keyless Deadbolt Advanced Home Security

With the rise of keyless home entry, investing in a keyless deadbolt offers a new defense line, providing advanced security protection. Plus, with the convenience of living keyless easy home access, you can say goodbye to fumbling with a key.

Without a keyhole, keyless deadbolts make it more difficult for potential intruders to gain access to your property. But not all deadbolts are created equally, and if advanced security is one of your top concerns, you need to get one that provides performance that won’t let you down.

Your security checklist should include the strength of the build and how the functionality and technology work together to guard your home. Shop around, compare, ask the tough questions, but never compromise on your safety.

The Prodigy MaxSecure Deadbolt Security Difference

Like any Prodigy SmartLock lock, the Prodigy MaxSecure Deadbolt with RFID keyless entry is designed for the maximum safety of you, your family, and your home.

Its sleek, contemporary, yet hyper-tough design comes with the advanced functionality and security of a unique motorized design deadbolt lock. The unique motorized technology provides a stronger, faster, and more reliable gear drive locking system for maximum safety with the convenience of quick and smooth keyless entry.

The power and strength of this lock are undeniable – you can see immediately. It’s built to commercial-grade industry standards for strength and security with heavy-duty hardware and advanced functional technology designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. Plus, with 3 hours UL fire testing passed, this lock is virtually indestructible and ready to secure your home.

More advantages that you can enjoy from living keyless with the protection of Prodigy MaxSecure Deadbolt:

  • Keyless access to your home using a highly responsive, 12-key illuminated keypad programmable with up to 400 user codes interchangeable with RFID keycards/stickers.
  • Hyper-tough and reliable mechanical and electronic engineered features that won’t let you down. You can depend on fast unlocking, weather resistance, long-term durability, multiple user code programming, anti-pry user code protection, immediate keypad response, low battery alerts, and highly secure cylinder locking mechanism.

You’ll find this lock is perfect for front and exterior entrances as well as rooms in the home requiring privacy with ease of access. Plus, you get to choose from three premium finishes that that create a pleasing aesthetic for any door: flat black, satin chrome, and satin nickel.

Are you ready to secure your home with a stronger barrier of resistance? If you have any questions that will help put your mind at ease about upgrading to a keyless deadbolt, contact one of our Lock Fit Experts.

P.S. If you want ultimate security, check out the Prodigy MaxSecure Interconnect with the double-locking protection of a deadbolt and latch bolt in one interconnected locking system.

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