Do’s and Dont’s of Keyless Home Security

Jul 02, 2020

Whether you own a house or are renting an apartment, using a keyless entry system has major benefits. You not only have one less item to take with you before leaving for work but can easily accommodate friends or family without leaving the key under the mat. Many smart locks even automatically lock the door as you go, giving you a heightened sense of protection. Despite the undeniable benefits of keyless living, is your home entry point truly secure?

If you’re looking to enjoy the full suite of benefits that come with keyless home entry while maintaining your securityfollow these do’s and don’ts:


Keep Your Code Secret

Would you give a stranger the keys to your house? Of course not. Being careless about sharing your smart lock’s code could be the equivalent of leaving your keys on the front porch. For family members, make sure that everyone knows not to give out digital key codes. In situations where you need to provide temporary access to guests (such as babysitters, dog walkers, or service workers), be sure to give them a separate code that you delete later.


Look Twice Before Entering Your Code

Some cameras can record precise video at long ranges. Before entering your code, be sure to either use your free hand for coverage or enter in dummy numbers before and after your real code for extra safety*. By making this a habit, you can better protect you and your family from unwanted intruders.

*If you have a keyless lock with this capability, like Prodigy SmartLock.


 Monitor Your Battery Life

One of the primary drawbacks of keyless entry systems is that they often require batteries. Do not wait for your smart lock to die before replacing the batteries. Doing so could render your entry system inactive, preventing you from entering. As soon as you see the low-battery warning light, make preparations to change the battery as soon as possible.

Shop for Durability & Security

When selecting a smart lock, be sure to choose the strongest, most reliable design possible. Read reviews, ask questions to knowledgeable store workers or even speak with the lock manufacturer to help you with your selection. Ultimately, your keyless home entry system could be the single point of failure that protects your home. For the sake of safety, be sure to choose a heavy-duty build.


Research Weather Resistance & Performance

This is especially prevalent for homeowners in multi-season locations. Before purchasing a keyless entry system, be sure to read reviews on long-term performance when exposed to the elements. Or even fire!

Shopping to Go Keyless

Ultimately, keyless living is the most convenient way to gain entry into your home. At the same time, be sure to follow the dos and don’ts listed above to maximize your home’s security. Always make sure to choose your smart lock based on quality, not price. Functionality matters most. For this reason, saving a few dollars on a cheaper model could cost you hundreds if not thousands down the road without the right keyless entry system.

If have questions or need help shopping for the right keyless lock for your home, Prodigy Lock Fit Experts are always around to help. Contact us at

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