We are striving to service our Customer's needs in providing technical information that will lead to successful installation, programming and usage of our products.

Instructions/ Manuals

Information and downloads to install and program your lock.

  • Installation Instructions
  • Programming Manual
  • Handing your lock
  • Passage mode
  • Resetting the lock


Videos to assist you in programming, installation, usage, etc.

  • Installation video
  • Programming video
  • Handing your lock video
  • Resetting the lock video
  • Passage mode video
  • Programming RFID cards video
  • Programming PIN codes video
  • Waking up the keypad video

Features/ General

General information about the lock and some of the features.

  • General lock information
  • How to use your lock video
  • Backset of your door video
  • Backset of your door
  • Template
  • Door prep information
  • Door thickness


Answers to some common questions, contact us if you need more information.

  • I can’t set the handing
  • What batteries do I use
  • How long do the batteries work
  • Is this lock waterproof
  • Can I order spare parts
  • I am missing parts in the box
  • What does resetting the lock do
  • What if a RFID card is lost
  • How do I erase everything
  • What is the warranty