Prodigy MaxSecure Interconnect Passage Mode

Jan 21, 2021

Keep Your Door Locked at All Times for Security or Unlock for Come and Go Convenience.

Default Mode: Always Locked for Security

At Prodigy SmartLock, your security always comes first. That’s why when you install the MaxSecure Interconnect, its default mode is to always remain locked. That way, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door—you have the built-in peace of mind.

However, you may want to keep your door open to come and go for certain occasions conveniently. Maybe you’re bringing in groceries from the car, or working in the garden, or you’re leaving the door open for guests. Rest assured you can quickly come and go without using your user code or using your keycard. The solution: Passage Mode!

Enable Passage Mode You can program Passage Mode at the lock OR by using your RFID keycard. 

Here’s the how-to:

Please note!

•You must create a passage code first, then enter it to activate the passage mode function.

•The lock will remain unlocked until the passage code is entered again.

Re-Activate Locked Mode Once you want to lock your door again, simply enter the passage code or master code or tap your passage keycard against the screen.

New Passage Mode Feature Coming Soon! Our new model MaxSecure Plus is coming soon with a toggle function designed for quick and easy switching between locked and passage mode. All you have to do is turn the button on the inside lever.

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