Build Your Own Keyless Experience with Prodigy SmartLock

May 28, 2020

For many people, their home is a source of pride, and they spend countless hours perfecting their home decor. If you’ve poured over paint samples, taken endless trips to the furniture store to look for the best pieces, or even hunted through antique stores to find the perfect accents, then you know how important it is not to sacrifice style when you decide to add something new to your home. Although research studies show that keyless entry home locks will become more popular over the next few years, the reality is that people still have hesitation when it comes to upgrading to keyless living. Some are afraid that keyless locks won’t have a right look for their home, and others worry about the safety and reliability of a lock without a key.

Prodigy SmartLock has heard you. Not only have we designed the perfectly styled lock for any home, but we’ve put you in control of creating the finishing touches to complement your home décor. 


Modern Convenience in Style

Upgrading to keyless is somewhat of a luxury in today’s modern and rushed world. Have you ever gotten home with two handfuls of groceries and had to juggle them to dig for your keys to unlock the door? Are you tired of finding a creative way to hold your front door keys while you go for a jog or take the dog out for a walk? With a keyless entry lock, you’ll never have these problems again. Some people are afraid a heavy-looking door lock will ruin their tasteful aesthetic, but now you have customizable options to help you add modern touches into any decor style.

A Prodigy SmartLock can blend into any home style from country farmhouse to modern minimalist, the coolest loft space, and even classical Victorian. Choose the style of lock that best suits your home. Customizable options include finishes in Flat Black, Satin Nickel, or Satin Chrome. Different lever selections provide an even more custom look providing a contemporary to traditional trim*.

But it’s not just about great looks because Prodigy SmartLock locks are as tough as it gets when it comes to home security.

*This option is available with orders placed on our website only. Please call in advance of placing an order and speak with a LockFit expert for more details.


Creating your Perfect Order

Prodigy SmartLock does everything we can to make it as easy as possible to get you to set up and go with your new keyless lock. Most of our locks fit standard doors. But, it’s always good to double-check measurements provided to ensure perfect compatibility with your door. Before you place your order, one important feature to confirm is door handing. Do you need a left-handed or right-handed lockset? Not sure? Here’s an easy guide to select the correct handing.




Choosing the Right Keyless Lock Styling for Your Door

Your front door sets the tone for the style of home you’ll find on the other side. Making a major change like upgrading to keyless entry isn’t a decision you’ll take lightly. Why not choose a lock that allows you the most customized features, styles, and finishes? Creating a welcoming entryway adds curb appeal and value to your home and makes you smile every day when you come home. Adding additional functionality to your home doesn’t have to overshadow your design; it should only serve to elevate it.

Contact us if you need help choosing or installing your lock, our LockFit experts are always happy to assist you. Use the Live Chat on the website or

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